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Soda Blasting

This service is currently on hold.

We now have a soda blasting service or you can hire the equipment off us. We soda blast for the military and leading companies at great prices. We can soda blast your boat, car, car parts, house etc. Remove paint and rust, repair and restore your parts and pieces the easy way.  Pressure and abrasive blasting equipment has many uses including: cleaning auto, engine or aluminum parts, etching glass, engraving stone, deflashing or deburring parts, cleaning molds, dies or tools, etc.

  • Is cost efficient, done by us or hire and do it yourself …..
  • Is an amazing cleaning system and is safe to you and the environment ..
  • Leaves a quality finish with no harm to rubber, glass or chrome …
  • We do work for the military so we more than knowledgable to do your job no matter how big or small …
  • Is quick, easy and requires little prep work …
  • You can hire it from us …
  • Saves you money and gives you great results when repainting …..

We Use Premium Bi-Class Soda …….

formula boasts the largest granule size of any Soda Blasting grade worldwide. This patented process ensures the free flowing ability of our soda consumed whilst maintaining constant flow of the soda or media through our range of Soda Blasters or any other Soda Blasting machine on the current market.

Has been specially formulated to resist moisture in the most extreme conditions and this newBi-Class Soda through tighter restrictions allowing less soda or media to be


  • Largest Granule size for extra cutting ability
  • Sharp, soft crystals able to clean delicate surfaces
  • Reduces even eliminates traditional chemical and water usage
  • Increase efficiency and profitability through less downtime
  • Contains No VOC, solvents, caustics, chloride or silica
  • Reduce, even eliminate common moisture problems
  • No need for drying units to maintain flow ability
  • Cost effective
  • Outlets throughout Australia and internationally
  • Tested to extreme climate conditions
  • The most moisture resistant soda on current market

Key Characteristics:
PH Rating:
7.9 – 8.2 Alkaline
Particle Size: 20 – 60 Mesh (Approx. 250 to 840 Microns)
Pressure Rating: 10-150 PSI
Mohs Hardness Rating: 2.3-2.5
Decomposition Temperature: Above 70 Deg Celsius, Carbon Dioxide. Cleaning Rating as define

By the EPA: A1

EPA has deemed Sodium Bicarbonate to be an A1 cleaner. A cousin of which is sodium carbonate, commonly known as washing powder which is used extensively in the cleaning industry as a natural cleaner and degreaser.

Bi-Class Soda starts to Breakdown and liberate