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Marine Filler

Marine fillers. Some people like to use builders bog, car bog and  house hold fillers on their boats. That is good, but does you house or car bounce around on the high seas, flex and twist like a boat in rough water?

Hempel Epoxy Filler

A two pack epoxy filler for use above and below the waterline. Available in 1kg pack or 130ml tubes. Hempel’s Epoxy Filler is a two component, solvent free, epoxy filler, which when fully cured is resistant to water, aliphatic hydrocarbons and related products. Can be applied in thick coats up to 5mm without sags and runs.

ProFiller Recommended use: As a filler and fairing compound, especially suitable for profiling large areas and detailedfairing where structural strength is important. It can be used on most primed rigidsubstrates, above and below the waterline 35370 49500.

DescriptionProFiller is a lightweight solvent free epoxy filler, used to fill and fair large areas and remove surface irregularities. With a specific gravity of only 0.7kg/ltr it has one of the lowest weight ratios for a fairing filler. High build properties and good sag resistance allow for efficient surface fairing with minimal wastage. ProFiller can be used on most substrates used in the construction of today’s modern yachts, including advanced composite materials. Adhesion to a correctly prepared surface is excellent. ProFiller has a high tensile strength with flexibility to move with substrate if expansion or contraction occurs in extremes of temperature. ProFiller can be used as part of the underwater paint system.


ProFiller has a mix ratio of 1:1 by volume, equal amounts of the base and curing agent are mixed together on a clean flat board until an even light green colour is achieved. The pot life of the mixed product is 45 minutes at 20ºC – do not mix more filler than can be used in that period of time. ProFiller should not be mixed in a container, as this causes increased heat during curing and will shorten the pot life. ProFiller is applied using a trowel, fairing knife or fairing blade according to the task. On superstructures when there is a lot of detailed work and profiling it is recommended to use a master template to shape the filler. When dry it is easy to sand, saving valuable time during the full fairing process.

Single pack conventional filler in a 350 gram tube, for use when spot filling minor blemishes and screwheads above the waterline. Because of its nature Unifiller shrinks on curing and it may be necessary to apply several layers when filling large areas

Epoxy Filler
A two pack epoxy filler for use above and below the waterline. Available in 1kg pack or 130ml tubes.

Norfill Epoxy Filler

A paste-like white, waterproof filler that can be sanded and left as a finish, or painted over. Norfill has excellent non-sagging properties so that even large cracks or holes can be filled in one application. Norfill is solventless and does not shrink, making it the perfect filler where strength and adhesion is important. May be applied to all prepared surfaces and will not react with other coatings or treatments. Will tolerate the addition of Norglass Pigment Paste (5% to volume) to achieve pastel colours. Teak and mahogany timber colours are also available in the 2 smallest sizes.

Norflex Epoxy Filler

A lighter more flexible version of Norfill for large areas of cosmetic filling where movement and flexing are important. Offers a 30% weight saving by mass over Norfill. Superb gap filling and sanding qualities