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Hire Equipment

Airless Spray Hire Soda blaster hire.

Pompei’s Marine recommends that you take out personal insurance and ambulance insurance. Personal and Home insurance should be checked to see whether they cover the appropriate activity and emergency charges…..

-user is liability for late fees, damage and not reporting any problems with equipment.

-user to follow all safety requirements when using hire equipment, and wear all required safety equipment

-user to have own insurance for damage caused to self or other people and property

-we the hirer take no responability for any harm or damaged caused by the hire equipment

-user to clean and maintain equipment while on hire and before return. A service fee will apply for damage or repairs

-equipment is only to be used for designed purpose

-equipment uses high pressure air, user to follow all safety guidelines when using or check before hand that they clearly understand

-no one under 18 years of age to use equipment, inexperienced users first should check with hirer to make sure they fully understand equipment use before using equipment.

-the hirer accept no responsibility or liability for the condition of the equipment to be hired. Nor for any damage or injury to any person or thing whatsoever. Release of liability.. Upon hire the hirer must read these terms, and with agreement to hire has accepted that they fully understand and agree to our terms and conditions. I the hirer agrees to be responsible for my own welfare and that of others (other users the hirer lets use the equipment, property, the safety of the area and people near by etc..) accept any and all risks and will Pompei’s Marine it’s owners, agents and associates harmless from and defend them from any and all actions of any nature that may arise out of or in connection with this activity.

By hiring this equipment I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the above “assumption of risk” and “release of liability” part of document.

-the hirer must return and hire items during our business hours, all equipment is to be returned by 9am the next day.

-the hirer has read and hereby agrees to the above conditions. And hereby agrees to comply with them at all times.