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Do I need Marine Ply?

Not any more with these great products. This frees you up so you can use other similar products at less cost. So next time when making a new deck or engine box and other bits and pieces for the boat or around the home you can safely use that standard plywood, MDF (formbroad) or chip broad. Protects against white ant, borers as is a permanent clear water proofing.

Norseal Wood Treatment

A water clear epoxy solution designed to penetrate, seal and waterproof particle boards and timbers. Recommended to be overcoated with a primer such as Shipshape within 4 weeks of application. In permanently shaded areas Norseal can alternatively be coated with a clear finish.

Plywood Sealer

In store at Pompei’s Marine. A fast dry, base coat before painting. Specially formulated for marine standard applications. Excelant gloss hold out, sand easily, high filling. Surface must be clean, free from oils, and all loose particles removed before application. Application by brush, roller, or spray. If spraying, thinning with turps may be necessary. Washes up in mineral turps. Drying time is 4-6 hours depending on weather conditions. Coverage is 6-12 square metres per litre.can be over coated with water based or solvent based top coats. Does not contain any lead or mercury based products.available in 1 and 4 litre cans