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Boat Deck Paint

Norglass deck paint in store in a range of colors, see under Norglass paints. A unique slip resistant coating incorporating plastic granules to provide a uniform paint film for traction when wet. The profile also facilitates easy cleaning. For use on fibreglass, steel, concrete, timber and aluminium decks.Also, deck paint pearls- make your own deck paint with the paint of your choice.

Decks Bilges Lockers

The most suitable and used product for coating deck areas on all boats ia a high-wear paint with a non-gloss finish. This will give durability and minimise reflection from the deck.

Particular tips when painting decks:

  • To prepare a patterned deck, use either a scouring pad or a wire brush for best results.
  • When adding Anti-slip Pearls to the paint, mix small quantities in at a time until you have the consistency you want. A 160 gm tub of Anti-slip Pearls is sufficient for at least 1.5 litres of paint, depending on the level of anti-slip required – do not use all 160 gm in a 750 ml tin of paint as it will be too much!
  • For glassfibre decks which have an anti-slip moulding, it may not be necessary to add Anti-slip Pearls to the paint.
  • Using a roller instead of a brush to apply MultiCoat onto your deck will give a more even coverage of the paint and Anti-slip Pearls.
  • If you want a higher gloss finish to your decks, Anti-slip Pearls can also be added to Brilliant Enamel and Poly Best.

Whilst a lot of time and effort is spent on the outside appearance and protection of your hull, it is important not to neglect interior areas such as bilges and lockers.

Particular tips when painting bilges & lockers:

  • Ensure adequate ventilation while painting the bilge area!
  • Brush application is generally easier and quicker, particularly on the uneven surfaces found in these areas.
  • If the bilges are excessively dirty clean first with Degreaser.


MultiCoat is a high opacity semi-gloss topcoat and primer, providing excellent durability with good resistance to water and oil making it ideal for areas such as decks, bilges and lockers. Decks, Bilges & Lockers – onto suitably primed substrate

Decks, Bilges & Lockers – onto suitably primed substrate

Product no of coats recoating interval 
@ 10oC
recoating interval 
@ 20oC
thickness per coat wft tickness per coat dft thinner
MultiCoat for bilges and lockers 2-3 16h-10d 8h-5d 12 100 40 823
MultiCoat for Decks 2 16h-10d 8h-5d 12 100 40 823