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Decking Oil

This will give you a clear natural finish a range of colours is also available from $43.00. Decking oil replaces the natural oils back into the bare timber lost through weathering. Clear turps based with no gloss finish at all. Washes up in mineral turps. Application on rough sawn timber is best by brush. Smooth timber can be rolled. If spraying, follow directly after with brush or roller while still wet. Can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. Drying and recoat time is best left for 24 hours, though dry exterior timber may be recoated sooner. The dryness of all timbers new and weathered can vary greatly. Before applying the first coat or recoating try a small test patch with a thin Coat. Check to see that it soaks into the timber completely and does not leave a sticky surface. Coverage ranges from 12-20 square metres per litre depending on how dry the timber is. Packaged in 1, 4, and 10 litre