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I just used 20litres of the mid grey paving paint on our workshop floor. I’ve done many factory floors over my time and this has been the best so far. I will send you the pics later.
Thanks for the great paint and the price was good too.
– Lee Sharples
EBay Customer
Dear pompeismarine,
Dear Leon, Hi- I’ve bought 2 lots of 2 pak paint from you before and been very happy with the result. I’m looking to do another job now, and most likely it’ll be in a non- colorbond colour- does that pose a problem in terms of the 2 pak mix?
regards, Les  (junkmedic)
– junkmedic
Hi Ian, fear not my friend, I am not displeased with your
efforts and responses. Compared with Allied, who have as yet not even bothered
to make a curtesy call, despite me ringing their phones off the hook for a
week, you guys have been great. I have gotten over the disappointment of not
completing my “beach haul out” with new waterline and a barnacle free
bottom. I will give Allied a mouthful today and see what they propose. Their
attitude seems to be that as I am mot the client I can go get stuffed and I
should take it up with the supplier. But that is wrong on many levels and I
will be taking them to task over it.
Thanks for your constant updates.

Dear pompeismarine,

iv bought pain of you before very happy with it….I was wondering if you can make me terracotta paint in 20liters if so how do we work out the right color and can you deliver to sunshine north it that I live in the country and my friend comes here 4-6 times a year and brings my things from melb  so if the paint can be delivered there id pay petrol and tolls if any please

– mrfatty1948


Leon,really well it picked up 6kph over the Mercruiser 17″P at the same revs

Thanks mate

Mike McCall.
Wagga Jazz Inc.

Customer from Broader Express. My cousin is in the paint business and couldn’t come close to your prices. This customer started off with our grey oxide for his trailer, then black crystal marine enamel over the top. He then finished off his boat in hempel 2pak. You can see the great results of his boat and trailer on our website…This is his boat painted from trailer to the 2pak on his boat

George a customer from EBay in country Victoria.

Hi Leon, Yes everything was great, and when we do the interior I’ll certainly

Buy from you.

Hope you have a Happy Xmas and a Wealthy New Year.

Thanks again…..George.

Claus around the house home maintenance

“your roof paint was so thick l had to thin it down 50% to get through the spray gun, thanks l will be buying more”

Rob from Hastings

“Thanks for the great roof paint, had to thin it being so think”