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Paint will enhance the appearance of any surface and offer protection against the elements. (refer to the section on choosing the right paint system). Hempel Topcoats can be used for all substrates.

Brilliant Enamel – 2.5l & 750ml
A single pack urethane drying topcoat, especially formulated for easy application and an exceptionally good finish with high UV stability. Superior characteristics include flow at application with resultant high gloss and good opacity throughout a clean, clear colour range. Use above the waterline on top of Primer Undercoat.

Poly Best – 2.5l & 750ml
A two pack polyurethane topcoat, giving a high gloss finish which is extremely durable and resistant to UV degradation and abrasion. Poly Best is well known for its ease of application and its high performance properties. Poly Best should be applied at temperatures of 10oC and above. Use above the waterline on top of Light Primer.

MultiCoat – 2.5l & 750ml
A high opacity satin primer and topcoat, providing excellent durability with good resistance to water and oil. Ideal for all areas above the waterline where a semi-gloss durable topcoat is required, including decks, bilges and lockers. Also can be used as a complete coating system onto new or bare wood.

For areas such as decks, where an anti-slip finish is needed, MultiCoat, Brilliant Enamel and Poly Best with the addition of Anti Slip Granules will give an anti-slip surface which allows you to colour match and co-ordinate with other glossed areas