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Norglass Paints

Over the past 3 decades, Norglass have produced a comprehensive range of paints and surface treatment products that are quite simply… “the best of the best!” . We have been using Norglass for sometime now with great results. We send all these products in handy solid, plastic buckets.

Norglass Weatherfast Marine Enamel colors available

A balanced blend of premium raw materials to produce the highest quality marine grade enamel. For use on prepared steel, aluminium, concrete, timber and other surfaces where performance and durability…
1litre $38.00 4litres $92.00 don’t pay  $140 at other stores colors $95.00

Weatherfast Deck Paint colors available

A unique slip resistant coating incorporating plastic granules to provide a uniform paint film for traction when wet. The profile also facilitates easy cleaning. For use on fiberglass, wood, concrete, aluminium. Up to 10smpl
1litre $40.00 4litres $95.00 don’t pay $110.00 at other stores

Weatherfast Marine Undercoat white primer

A general purpose coating designed to fill imperfections and provide an easy sanding surface prior to painting. Fine textured for premium results.

Single part. 12 sq. m/litre. Brush or spray. For spraying thin with Spray Thinners. Turps cleanup. For above waterline. Ideal under Norglass Enamel or Deck Paint.

Weatherfast Marine Undercoat grey primer

A heavy bodied grey primer with fast drying and easy sanding properties. Suitable for all areas and surfaces other than those of continuous immersion.

Shipshape Epoxy Primer 2pak primer white

The ultimate high build performance coating to obliterate background irregularties and provide filling properties prior to coating with single pack or 2 pack finishies. Suitable for areas of continous immersion and osmosis repairs. Commonly used as a primer under coat and as a top coat in the bilge areas of boats because of its stain gloss finish. Coverage 10sq metres per litre. Thinners same as Northane.
1litre $59.00 4litres $155.00 don’t pay $180.00 at other stores

Northane Gloss 2pak gloss in range of colors

Northane Gloss 2 part polyurethane. Premium grade two pack for durability and fade resistance. Excellent chemical, waterproofing and weathering properties. Idea for refurbishing most surfaces eg. 2 pack kitchens, boats fibreglass, steel structures. Home, leisure, commercial and industry. Covers 12 sq per litre. Thin for spraying.
1litre $84.00 4litres $265.00 don’t pay $275.00 at other stores

Norglass Soft Copper Antifouling red or blue

A soluble copper paint designed to deplete the coating by friction. Not suitable for vessels exceeding 9-10 knots. Wears away to prevent the build-up caused by repeated applications of “hard type” anti-foulings and can be easily removed by scrubbing.
4litres $130.00 don’t pay $160 at other stores or $194 for competitors brand not in stock at moment

Also available Hempel Marine Paints at great prices Since 1915… Great product we use on our boats. 

Pompei’s Marine 561 main street Mordialloc 044830477 trading hours Mon-Fri 12-4pm Sat 9-12 or by appointment. Some Colors not currently made on site, take 4 days to get in stock. Some stock may not be in store or due to our low stock levels may have to be ordered in. We try to carry the freshest paint possible by keeping our stock levels low.