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Marine Varnish


Marine Varnish will protect the wooden areas of your boat against the elements and enhance the natural beauty of the surface where the wood is of good quality.

Favourite Varnish 2.5l, 750ml & 375ml
  • Easy to use
  • Traditional
  • Multi-purpose
  • Full bodied
  • Excellent finish
A single pack, alkyd based, full bodied, high gloss varnish. Especially easy to use, giving a tough, durable finish with depth of gloss and longevity of life. Ideal for areas where structural flexibility of the wood is needed. Use inside and outside above the waterline.
Classic Varnish 2.5l, 750ml & 375ml
  • Traditional containing tung oil
  • Excellent flow
  • Full bodied
  • Uncompromising finish
A single pack, traditional varnish produced from the highest quality materials, including tung oil. Excellent flow at application, a flexible finish and long term UV filters will ensure you an uncompromising finish that will last for a long time. Use inside and outside above the waterline.
Dura-Gloss & Dura-Satin Varnish 2.5l, 750ml & 375ml
  • Quick drying
  • Ideal for interior & exterior areas of high wear
  • Durable finish resistant to abrasion
  • Available in gloss and satin finishes
Dura-Gloss Varnish is a single pack, urethane modified alkyd with excellent resistance to alcohol and cleaning materials. Quick drying to an extremely hard and durable high gloss surface, which is highly resistant to wear and abrasion within hours of application – it ideal for inside and outside areas where the varnish needs to be beautiful and durable. Use inside and outside above the waterline. 
Dura-Satin Varnish is a satin finish version for areas where a satin finish is required instead of high gloss.
Diamond Varnish 2.5l, 750ml & 375ml
  • Extremely durable
  • Long lasting
  • High UV protection
  • Ultimate finish
A two component polyurethane varnish for use where a hard, extremely durable and long lasting finish is required. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, for the ultimate finish in durability and beauty. Use inside and outside above the waterline.

Weatherfast Marine Varnish

A super high gloss finish with maximum levels of U/V inhibitors and stabilisers for areas of extreme exposure. Ideal for panelling, doors, hand rails and general varnish work. Not suitable for floors or traffic surfaces