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Marine Fillers

Filling & Fairing

Filling and fairing will streamline the surface of your boat, giving improved through water performance from the hull, and clean lines on the topsides. If the substrate has been damaged, structural filling and fairing will be necessary.

Apply a suitable filler product onto a rough, clean surface, to fill a minor defect (spot fill) or to build a surface up to achieve the required profile. When spot filling, apply filler with a filling knife or spatula. For large profile filling, a wide filling knife or trowel is most efficient. If there are small cracks in the gelcoat, you may need to widen the crack to allow space to apply the filler. Take care to use the correct amount of filler as too much will need excessive time spent fairing. When filling deep holes or large areas, we recommend that you apply a number of layers of filler to eliminate the chance of overfilling, or sagging on vertical surfaces.

Once the filled area has cured you can fair (abrade) the filled and surrounding area to an even profile.

Spot Fairing
Spot fairing is best carried out by hand using abrasive paper on a cork block

Fairing large areas

Large areas can be faired with a range of tools. Initial rough fairing can be carried out using an angle grinder/belt sander with suitable grade discs, followed by a random orbital or orbital sander for a fairer surface.

Skill is needed when using these tools and it is often more successful to use a manual fairing board which, although slower, can produce a fairer surface.

Unifiller  Epoxy Filler 
Single pack conventional filler in a 350 gram tube, for use when spot filling minor blemishes and screwheads above the waterline. Because of its nature Unifiller shrinks on curing and it may be necessary to apply several layers when filling large areas. A two pack epoxy filler for use above and below the waterline. Available in 1kg pack or 130ml tubes.



ProFiller is a lightweight solvent free epoxy filler, used to fill and fair large areas and remove surface irregularities. With a specific gravity of only 0.7kg/ltr it has one of the lowest weight ratios for a fairing filler. High build properties and good sag resistance allow for efficient surface fairing with minimal wastage. ProFiller can be used on most substrates used in the construction of today’s modern yachts, including advanced composite materials. Adhesion to a correctly prepared surface is excellent. ProFiller has a high tensile strength with flexibility to move with substrate if expansion or contraction occurs in extremes of temperature. ProFiller can be used as part of the underwater paint system.


ProFiller has a mix ratio of 1:1 by volume, equal amounts of the base and curing agent are mixed together on a clean flat board until an even light green colour is achieved. The pot life of the mixed product is 45 minutes at 20ºC – do not mix more filler than can be used in that period of time. ProFiller should not be mixed in a container, as this causes increased heat during curing and will shorten the pot life. ProFiller is applied using a trowel, fairing knife or fairing blade according to the task. On superstructures when there is a lot of detailed work and profiling it is recommended to use a master template to shape the filler. When dry it is easy to sand, saving valuable time during the full fairing process.

for use above and below waterline complete hull profiling
smooth consistency easy mixing and application
high sag resistance deep voids can be filled efficiently
low density minimum weight when profiling the surface
quick cure properties excellent sanding characteristics minimum shrinkage during drying optimises man-hours