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Outdrives & Props

Bronze and aluminium are the materials that need protecting in these areas as they are prone to the same level of fouling and corrosion as all underwater metal areas. As these areas directly effect the efficiency and safety of the propulsion of the boat it is most important that they are correctly maintained.

Due to the excessive movement and water turbulence in these areas, the endurance of any coating is tested, particularly on the propeller. Care should be taken never to overcoat the anodes as this will adversely effect their performance.

Thoroughly clean areas to be coated using Yacht Cleaner and freshwater. Abrade with 80-120 grade abrasive paper. Wash thoroughly with fresh water and allow to dry before applying relevant specification.

Use Mille Antifouling due to its metal free properties.

Due to the excessive wear and tear in this area, repainting generally involves a complete strip back and full specification.

Propellers – Antifouling Propellers

Product no of coats recoating interval @20oC coverage m2/ltr wft per coat dft per coat thinners
Underwater Primer 1 6h – indefinite 11 100 40 823
Mille Drive/Prop AF 2 see data 13 75 40


Product no of coats recoating interval @20oC coverage m/ltr wft per coat dft per coat thinners
Light Primer 4 4 h – 30 d 9 120 60 845
tiecoat – Underwater Primer onto Light Primer 1 1h-2d 10 100 40 823
Mille onto Underwater Primer 2-3 5h-indefinite 13 75 40 808