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How much marine paint do I need?

Paint requirements guide only


In general before applying new antifoul paint.

-wear all required safety gear, make sure work area is safe and boat correctly set up for work. Read product labels before use.

-high pressure clean after removal from water to clean off all build up

-remove any loose paint off the boat and make sure area is sound, then as in this case above we fully re primed with underwater primer 2 coats. Due to wear.

-apply 2-3 coats of antifoul. Hempel Olympic will stick to most other antifouls. If old antifoul is still in good condition spot prime as required in bare patches. Underwater primer makes for a good tie coat. A suitable primer should be in place before antifoul is applied. For Alloy and stern drives 4 coats of light primer before application of Mille Dynamic Antifoul. Always stir all paint before and during use.

We can supply all you needs – antifoul, primers, top coats (biggest range of colors), brushes, rollers, anodes, rapid mask plastic sheet all at great prices ….. delivered Australia Wide …..Hard and soft antifoul, Hempel Olympic is a commerical grade antifoul which can last up to 36 months.

 To Calculate your boat’s underwater area….

The following is a simple formula which will enable all boat owners to estimate the approximate surface area to be painted. Measurements are approximate only.

Bottom LWL (length of water line) * (Beam +Draught)

Spars length * mean circumferance

Decks LOA (length overall) * beam *0.75, less area of cockpit etc.

Topsides LOA (length over all) + Beam * 2 * average freeboard (distance between waterline and deck level).

General guide for underwater

6-7Mtrs         3.5-4.5ltrs

7.5-8.5          4-5ltrs

8.5-10           6-7ltrs

10-11.5         7-8ltrs

11.5-13         10-11ltrs

13-14.5         14-15ltrs

As the design of many boats types on the market varies considrably from type to type, it is not possible to give exact consumption. The above is for guidance only and includes 2 coats.

hempel antifoul hard