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Zinc Oxide Primer for Steel

Don’t pay $100 for zinc oxide primer (eg kill rust) Pompei’s Marine price $64.00….

Red or Grey Oxide Primer Facts please compare to Kill rust (some require 3-4 steps, not ours)

  • can go for 5 years without top coat… Can Kill rust do that? NO IT CAN NOT! Don’t pay for advertising
  • Who has a much higher solids content ? We do, fact 72% theirs 13-15%. Ours, Made in Australia YES killrust Heavy duty primer – “The product should be top coated fairly quickly; it should not be left exposed and uncoated. Wattyl recommend within 48 hours avoiding surface contamination.” Quote from them, ask them yourself.
  • Great for all steel work
  • Trailers
  • Steel boats
  • can go 5years without top coat
  • top coat can be water or oil based

Steel Boat being primed with our rich zinc oxide primer to prevent rust. Then it was coated with Hempel Antifoul. And 7 anodes from us


  • Specially formulated with anti corrosive properties for preventing rust on bare steel.
  • Steel must be cleaned, free from oils, and all surface rust removed before application.
  • Application by brush, roller, or spray.
  • If spraying, thinning with turps may be necessary. Washes up in mineral turps
  • Drying time is 2-6 hours depending on weather conditions.
  • Coverage is 6-12 square metres per litre.
  • Mineral solvent based top coats are recommended.
  • Does not contain any lead or mercury based products.
  • Available in 1 and 4 litre cans