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How to Exterior Paint

How to do a great job with exterior paint

First job is to check if you have an old oil based paint or a water based paint

-use a rag with Methyated Spirits (avaiable at shop) and rub the old paint. If the paint comes off onto the rag it is water based paint.

-you can then over coat with a water base primer and top coat

-if oil based use one of oil based primers for spot priming of area, then an oil based top coat

-if you want to use a water based system, use our high solids 3-1 primer then top coat

As with any job prep is everything, pressure clean down, remove flakes, carry out any repairs and give a sand.

crystal paint exterior Prep work being carried out before painting

 We have everything in stock to carry out a great job, premium paints, rollers, brushes, fillers, rapid plastic sheets and more ……………

crystal exterior paint A good coat of Crystal 15year Exterior paint after a 3-1 primer. 2-3 coats of our high solids exterior for a great long lasting job.

crystal exterior paint A prefect job using Crystal Paints – a better paint

Always wear safety gear, read and follow labels.