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Flat Finishes

Pompei’s Marine has a range of flat finish for walls and ceilings. From 2 coat paints to one coat paints. Compare and save. colors may change


Wall & Ceiling Matt Crystal Cream 10litres  59.00
Wall & Ceiling Matt Grey 10litres  59.00
Wall & Ceiling Matt Crystal Antique 10litres  59.00
Wall & Fence Matt Acrylic Green Mist 10litres  59.00
Wall & Fence Matt Acrylic Charcoal 10litres  59.00
Wall & Ceiling Low Sheen White 10litres  72.00
Wall & Ceiling Low Sheen Cream Tint  4litres  31.00      10litres  72.00        20litres 129.00


Wall & Ceiling Flat White white only do not tint 4litres 19.00    10litres  46.00      20litres  87.00
Protector Ceiling White Flat 4litres  26.00    10litres   55.00        20litres    92.00
Ceiling Super Flat 4litres  37.00    10litres   72.00         20litres  125.00