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Boat Repairs

Well, I want to start this page by saying don’t waste your time or money on second grade materials. I can say this as my family has well over 100 hundred years of experience Do the job right from the start. Saying that doesn’t mean you need to use the highest grade materials all the time. There are some great treatment products out there now like Norseal Wood Treatment. This product gives you the option of using more standard materials that will last over time in the marine environment or at home.

Then there is another great product from Hempel (Hempel Profiller) that can applied in coats up to 15mm in a single built up. It is a light weight product, good sag properties with high structural strength. Can be use above or below the waterline.

Now l’m going to show you how to use some of these great marine products on a new engine box for ‘the patrol boat’. I’ve used standard 8mm ply for this job and l will be putting it together with some standard coated screws. Before l would of used marine ply, copper or stainless nails and an oil based paint.

On this project l will use Norseal wood treatment as my base coat, some profiller from Hempel. Then, when l go to join it all together l will use some Norglass stay bond epoxy glue with the standard coated screws. I will be using some Hempel light primer over the wood treatment, then a top coat of Hempel Polybest.

I have no doubt that this engine box will last twice as long as the old one if not longer. And the use of the Hempel Polybest as my finish coat will look much better than a standard paint or as l see alot of the use of house paints which just don’t last or flex as well.