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Why use marine paints instead of house paints.

Well marine paints are modified paints designed to last longer with higher levels of inhibitors, flex better over time and have a tougher skin. Recently, a Pompei Built 50ft cruiser was painted in the wrong paint and about a week later the paint on the sunny side started to crack. This is why the right choice of product and correct application method is important for the best result.

Please visit the Norglass How to guide or the Hempel guide on how to for the best results-

Area to be cover. How much paint do l need?

Great advice, easy to understand and a great way to get the best info before starting. Please read and follow as here are some pictures of paint jobs on fibreglass / plywood boats that have not had the right treatment in painting. This has cost the owner thousands more in repair costs.

No 2pak primer used so water was able to get into the ply. Also, the paint job needs alarge amount of work before re painting can take place.

Pompei built clinker painted in Hempel and Norglass marine paints.