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Hempel Globic Antifoul

Hempel Globic Antifoul antifouling paint

Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. From windmills and bridges to hospitals, ships, power stations and homes, our coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature.

With a focus on R&D, advanced production techniques and professional coating advice, we work around the globe to help keep our customers’ investments safe and beautiful for longer. Our working concept is simple: we are curious, creative and self-critical, and always aim to create extra value for our customers.

If it needs a coating, just ask We offer a full range of protective coatings and technical service to customers in the protective, marine and container industries. But we don’t just do big. We also supply low-solvent paints so homeowners can bring colour to their homes safely; and we provide a full range of protective and maintenance products for yacht owners.


Outstanding return on investment

Globic 9000 is a premium antifouling coating that delivers an outstanding return on investment over extended docking intervals of up to 90 months in aggressive waters.

Globic 9000 is a very efficient, self-polishing, hydrolysing antifouling that uses nano-capsule acrylate binder technology for highly controlled self-polishing. Patented inorganic fibre technology gives the coating extraordinary mechanical strength. It offers premium fouling protection that has been tried and tested in real-life for many years. For vessels that operate worldwide in aggressive fouling conditions.

Area of use

For both new building and maintenance of bottom and boot top on deep-sea going vessels that operate at low to high speeds.

solids 58%

coverage approx. 5.8 sq m pl

dry to touch 4-5 hrs

recommend film thickness 100 micro allow 3 coats for full protection

colors red, blue, black, brown (turns grey) 10ltr units only $550


With a full range of advanced self-polishing antifouling coatings, we can protect any vessel from harmful organisms – to help reduce fuel bills and associated emissions.

Our antifoulings work by carefully releasing biocides to keep your vessel’s hull smooth and fouling free. The systems can be designed to work for anything from 36 months to 90 months, depending on your preferred maintenance schedule.

Our antifouling range features patented nanocapsule technology and silylated acrylate technology for long dry-docking intervals, and zinc carboxylates technology for shorter periods. And all our antifoulings are reinforced with patented microfibre technology to ensure superior mechanical strength.

Reduce your vessel’s fuel bill by more than 4 per cent Whatever business or waters your vessel operates in, you can find a coating solution from Hempel that meets your needs – both in terms of initial investment and fuel-saving potential.

To clearly illustrate the difference in fuel-saving performance between our products, we collected data under controlled and documented conditions. We then calculated average fuel-savings for all our antifouling coatings and compared these to OLYMPIC+, our most economical product in terms of initial cost.

The results show what kind of fuel saving you can expect from our different antifouling products compared to OLYMPIC+:

Find the best solution for your vessel We know that every vessel has a unique set of factors that must be considered when looking for the best value fouling control solution – and the figures listed here are intended only to be used as a guideline when estimating the fuel-saving potential of each of our coatings.

This product is design for professional use all safety gear, data sheets, MSDS, labels should be used or read first