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Antifouling Paint

At Pompei’s Marine we sell the Hempel Olympic Antifouls (52-58% solids)Hempel are the world leaders in antifoul.Colors Red Blue and Black. Best value for money with high solids / fiber technology and proven performance compared to other brands. You also have a choice of Hard (over 30knots) or Soft  (up to 30knots) antifouling. Use Hempel Mille Dynamic antifoul (55%solids) for Aluminum after application of 3-4 coats of light primer. Mille Dynamic can be used on all surfaces. Hempel Antifouls are used on USA Navy, British Navy, Australian Navy, Spanish Navy and many more. The world’s first choice for marine paints…….How much do l need?$file/yacht1_en.swfTo Calculate your boat’s underwater area in square metres use this formula LWL(B+D) where LWL =water length B=maximum beam and D= draft. 2-3 coats for best results. As designs of the many boat types on the market varies considerably from type to type, it is not possible to give the exact consumption. The above is a guidance only and includes 2 coats. Hard Antifouls

have a resin system with a high proportion of insoluble resin making them hard, stopping the coat erode. The resin is packed with active ingredients, each particle being in direct contact with its neighour, as a particle is dissolved by the water the particle immediately behind it is exposed. Because of their nature and durability, they are ideal for high speed power boats, vessels which are mud berthed and racing yachts where a smooth finish can be achieved by burnishing the antifouling with wet abrasive paper before the boat is launched.

Soft Antifouls

soft antifoulings have a simple resin formulation dispersing the active ingredients with the binder, offering good protection at an economical price. Traditional antifoulings should not be sanded.

Hempel Olympic Hard or Soft antifouling paint 5litres $155.00 last up to 36 months
Hempel Mille Dynamic antifouling paint 1litre $49.00 5litres $200.00 for alloy

Hempel Globic antifouling paint for trade customers 5 year protection 10ltrs $550

Coming soon Hempel’s X3 Silicone Antifoul the ultimate racing yacht protection.

Overcoating information

On the whole most antifoulings are compatible and can easily be overcoated, however, some basic rules should be applied:

  • The condition of the surface to be painted must be good – ie free from contaminates and in a sound condition.
  • hard/non-polishing antifouling will leave an exhausted layer of resin at the end of the season. Before applying a new coat, it should be wet abraded to maximise the performance of the antifouling.
  • Teflon antifouling CAN be overcoated assuming it is in good condition and has been washed – DO NOT abrade before applying new antifouling.
  • A traditional/soft antifouling should be sealed with Underwater Primerbefore applying an erodible or hard antifouling on top of it
  • all antifoul brands require 3 coats for best protection
  • some people will apply after the primer coats one coat of red antifoul then 2-3coats of the color of choice. This is to show when the antifoul has had maximum life as the red antifoul will highlight the need for a re-coat of antifoul paint.


  • If you are changing your antifouling, check application instructions of new product onto existing product. If in doubt, apply a tiecoat of Underwater Primer.
  • Keep the antifouling paint indoors before painting your boat as antifouling is easier to apply at “room” temperature.
  • Always give antifoulings a good stir before applying as they contain heavy pigments which can settle.
  • Apply an extra coat of antifouling along the waterline and the leading edges where more aggressive water flow takes place.
  • It is not advisable to thin antifoulings, however, in particularly cold conditions thinning the antifouling by up to 10% will help with application.
  • Never dry sand old antifouling as the dust is toxic.
  • This is a job in Hempel Antifoul for the CSRIO for the NW Shelf Western Australia at a depth of 120m
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